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Manic Street Preachers’ New Video: Rewind The Film (ft. Richard Hawley)

Just checked-out Manic Street Preachers’ video ‘Rewind The Film’ feat. Richard Hawley (former Longpigs guitarist). This is the first teaser of an upcoming album titled the same after their latest piece ‘Postcards from A Young Man’ in 2010. 3 years brought them into 2 albums on working; the first of which James Dean Bradfield described to “It’s much more acoustic based – I think there’s one electric guitar on the entire record. But it’s not Campfire Street Preachers, we’re not banging boxes or anything.” And for the second piece “a lot spikier and shinier” with a “tiny bit of krautrock influence.” The new album is scheduled to be released on September 16.

The track ‘Rewind The Film’ itself, released earlier this month, didn’t sound like Manics at-the-first-glance to me. With acoustic plus violin intro, combined with Richard Hawley’s voice created a retro feeling of listening to 60s mono radio, that soon ended in the third minute, when JDB’s firm toned voice turned the chorus part into Manics’ signature sound. The message I caught is telling us about longing to move back into a past situation, where everything is safer, kinder and more delightful, even in the very first line “Rewind the film again, I’d love to see my joy, my friends.. Rewind the film again, so I can fall asleep contempt”. It’s like a nostalgia, because there’s just too much heartbreak, and past time looks more secure. Getting back to favorite part of your life, just like rewinding your favorite film. Moreover, since it’s a Manics’ song, you may also relate it to some wider issues that the world is facing.

In the video, you’ll see grey clouds running in the sky above the green South Wales valley as an opening, then the elderly man went for a walk in a little town (or maybe a village), a quiet one, it’s so serene and matched every elements of the song. He walked into a social club, played bingo with other seniors, and ended with looking at old photographs before the closing time. Brilliantly, this almost 7 minutes video might left you feel so old and empty.


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