Pretty Green

Manchester – 3 bars you must visit!

1 – Port Street Beer House – I have barely dropped off my luggage before I am hot footing it to this place. A right of passage for me and the husband and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Port Street Beer House is a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ affair. Tucked away in the Northern Quarter I actually mistook it for an Estate Agents the first time I visited it. Don’t be fooled by the UPVC! This is a hoppy tardis that every one should visit at some point, whether you are a seasoned ale drinker or wife of a beer nerd, the staff here are top. I have normally consumed about half a pint just tasting before I actually make an ill informed choice of first drink (the one with the funny name, pretty label etc) and it normally involves me hiccupping out 2 pints later. There is an ale list as long as your arm….and other arm, possibly your legs too so something for every palet, although I am yet to brave a pint of tactical nuclear penguin!

2 – Font – A recommendation from a friend at the above beer house steered us towards this place. We must have walked past it a million times and not noticed it. Just opposite The Palace Hotel, off New Wakefield Street and off the main road, if you didn’t know it was there you would never find it. And when we did I frowned with uncertainty as I strolled past the bouncers into a sea of students. Feeling mind bogglingly old and like a fish out of water I perched in between the emo’s and the hipsters to tuck into one of the cheapest and most delicious burritos I have ever had. I happily worked my way down the £2 cocktail menu as my husband sampled the varying delights from the craft ale menu. Who’d have thought there was such a huge call for real ale amongst students? Gotta love Manchester!

3 – Fab Café – This is normally the port of call between being bored of sitting around and chewing the cud but not quite intoxicated enough to go all dance floor mental. The Fab Café is a TV and movie themed bar which open all day, again popular with students but a real mixed bag come night time. Stiuated on Portland Street within spitting distance of Picadilly Station, you’ll find walls adorned with Sinclair Spectrums and Atari joysticks, you can sit next to a Dalek or a tardis, this is a real treasure trove of memories (for us oldies anyway!). The bar/dancefloor blasting out a bit of everything as it from Oasis to Foreigner, the perfect kick start to your evening. And let us not forget Fish Finger Friday. A free one with your first drink between 4.30pm and 7pm? Winner!