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News In Pictures: Man Charged With Stealing Liam Gallagher Wigs

not the real dude

not the real dude

A local man, Rupert Pumperdinkle has been arrested on suspicion of stealing Liam Gallagher look alike wigs from a local shop.

Earlier in the day the local wig shop Wig Yer Dad reported a break in with 2 wigs stolen as well as a tin of shoe polish.

The man, 24, was held by police after the police responded to a car crash involving his Fiat on Grangethorpe Road in Urmston, Greater Manchester around 8pm.

Local reports suggest the man had been on his way to local club to pick up girls when his car hit a stationary object and had failed a sobriety test.

Rupert responded ” I honked but it didn’t move the lairy git!!”

A spokesman for Liam Gallagher had no comment.

Today’s totally fake headline brought to you by….me – hope you enjoyed the laugh.