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How to Make Money While Traveling Abroad

Traveling is a dream for many people, especially for an extended period of time. But money frequently stops most from following that dream. Figuring out how to maintain a consistent income while traveling can be daunting. Waiting to travel and building a travel income fund may take longer than desired and delay the idea all together. Luckily there are plenty of ways to make money abroad to eliminate the wait. This article outlines some of those ways.</p>

Teaching English

Teaching English is a common way for travelers to earn money abroad. In order to be successful doing this kind of work, make sure to research the options ahead of time. There are international schools in many countries and institutions that teach English. Those with teaching degrees and experience may be able to work at an international school provided all other requirements are met.

Generally speaking, many travelers find the job of teaching English a very good option while traveling abroad. Many institutions post jobs online but some people may want to go with a recruiter instead. Some even chose to live in countries that pay higher salaries relative to the cost of living. But this may change depending on the number of English teachers in the country or city.

Freelancing Through Upwork or Making/Selling Products

The freelancing platform Upwork provides a great opportunity for travelers to make money on the road. Writers, web designers, video creators, lawyers, assistants, and many other types of people can build up their businesses on upwork. Applying to jobs posted there are free. The site does use connections so for those who need more than the free plan offers, additional connections are available for $10 a month.

Online selling is also a flexible money making opportunity on the road too. Those who make handmade goods have the opportunity to make money on sites like Etsy or even eBay. For people who don’t want to worry about having goods to ship, drop shipping is another option for other, non-handmade goods. It allows the listing of goods by an individual seller. When the item is purchased, the seller places an order with a supplier who has the inventory.

Become an Au Pair

Taking care of children internationally is another way to make a steady income while traveling the world. It isn’t as flexible as other jobs might be so for those looking to travel frequently, this may not be the right job. But for others who are looking to live in another country, it may work well. It requires commitment too. But learning your way around a new city and exposing children to museums and other educational opportunities along the way is a pretty sweet deal too.

Use Skype

When most people think about Skype, they consider it a way to get a hold of friends and family in other places. But it can also be used to make money abroad by:

  • Doing business consultations
  • Offering therapy sessions
  • Tutoring students
  • Being a life coach
  • Offering voice lessons

If most of your work requires communication with clients or business partners, simply consider all of the ways to do that remotely and traveling may not be an issue after all.

Do Seasonal Work

Nomadic travelers may benefit best from doing seasonal work. This allows for steady short-term income before moving on to the next country or city. Seasonal work opportunities include working in a bar, or restaurant, being a guide or an instructor, and even a fisherman. The jobs available depend on their town and their tourist season. Those going down this route should determine which town has a tourist season and when it is to secure a job before or at the start of that season.

Be an Online Gamer

Making money from online gaming requires skill and talent. But it doesn’t require being tied down to one place. All that is required is an internet connection and a computer. Online gamers can make lucrative amounts of cash playing everything from online slots to Dota. E-sports are only growing in their popularity and their money-making abilities too. So those with the talent and skill could easily finance their travels with gaming with the right set up.

For those who have a lot of knowledge of gaming, it can also be leveraged for money by becoming a customer service agent for gamers.

Traveling and maintaining a steady income is possible for a variety of skill sets. There is no need to save a lot of money beforehand in order to realize a dream of living in another country or living as a nomad. Doing research and setting up certain things ahead of time will help. But there is no time like the present to start looking