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‘Made Of Stone’ Trailer: A Work of Love by Shane Meadows

Shane Meadows’ trailer of his newest piece of art ‘Made of Stone’ has finally revealed. It was published firstly on April 16th, revealing few scenes from the docs which will be premiered on May 30th in Victoria Warehouse, Manchester. In the trailer opening it is shown ‘In 2012 a resurrection nobody thought possible took the place in Manchester, England’ followed by a scene where Ian took picture of the crowd and himself using a young boy’s cell-phone of which he gave back after (but not shown on the scene). That, according to Shane Meadows to NME, was the bridge built between two different generations, and he said while taping the scene that this, Made of Stone, is all about.

Due to the making of this documentary Shane postponed his two other projects including the sequel to This Is England, as Ian called him on 2011 and said that the band is getting back together and whether he is willing to do a documentary of the reunion. There’s no way that Shane could say ‘no’, as we know that The Stone Roses is his long-loved favorite band, he said to Ian that he hadn’t done any documentary so far, but he was pretty sure that he is the one who has to do this.

“When Ian Brown rang me to tell me my favorite band of all time was getting back together again, it was like every Roses fan’s wildest dreams were coming true. People tell you that you can’t recapture your youth, it won’t be the same. I don’t believe that. I’m going to make up for the nightmare of a lifetime at 17 years old, being sat in a flat having a bad trip when I could have been at Spike Island, being part of one of the most momentous things ever.”

The filming was done from the reunion press conference on October 18th 2011, rehearsals, secret gig in Warrington Hall until the triumphant reunion at Heaton Park June 2012. Shane hopped into the tour-bus and documented everything. Except in Heineken Music Hall – Amsterdam gig where Reni left and Ian said “The drummer’s gone home”. That was the moment, as the other real fans would feel, Shane felt worry, the band might’ve disbanded again that night. So instead of exploiting the conflict, Shane turned-off his camera and told the crew to give the band space and privacy. This documentary is surely a love-work made by a fan from a fan point of view, on which we can expect both Shane’s humorous style of directing yet the emotional depth created by his fandom to the band.

Now even watching the trailer left me thrilled and hurried. But I couldn’t do anything except waiting patiently for more than a month for it. With Made Of Stone as the background music, some sorts of comments including Liam Gallagher’s, scene of Ian and John hugged on stage; let’s peek the world of Stone Roses from the eye of Shane Meadows. “Grown Men Will Cry” said in the ending scene, and I couldn’t agree more. (Thakis)



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