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Lucky Lottery Playlist

Lucky Lottery Playlist
Working in an office, driving down the city streets, running through a lovely park — add a music playlist to these activities and suddenly you feel like you’re in a Hollywood movie. Why should playing the lottery be any different? Play these tunes while you’re in a lucky lottery mood and accentuate that winning vibe.
1. The Lottery Song – Harry Nilsson (1972), covered by The Format
Harry Nilsson, a Grammy award-winning American singer/songwriter, wrote this sweetly romantic song for his album Son of Schmilsson, which got certified Gold in 1972. The cover version below is from the American indie-rock band The Format, included as an iTunes exclusive track on their 2006 album Dog Problems.
I will buy a ticket
On the local lottery
We could win the lottery
We could go to Vegas
And be very happy

2. I Wanna Be Rich – Calloway (1989)
Calloway was an RnB duo from Cincinnati, Ohio. “I Wanna Be Rich” was the band’s only hit song, reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in May 1990. It’s no wonder why this song was such a hit — who can’t help but dance to this groovy lottery tune?
I want my cake, wanna eat it too
I want the stars and the silver moon
I spend my money on lottery
My favorite number is 1 2 3

3. When I Win the Lottery – Camper Van Beethoven (1989)
California rock band Camper Van Beethoven mixes rock, ska, punk, and everything else under the sun to create a unique musical sound. “When I Win the Lottery” infuses political lyrics with a violin-heavy score to produce an amazing song.
When I win the lottery, gonna buy all girls on my block
A color tv and a bottle of french perfume
When I win the lottery, gonna donate half my money to the city
So they have to name a street or a school or a park after me

4. Pray to Jesus, Play the Lotto – Brandy Clark (2013)
Brandy Clark is one of the biggest rising stars in the American country music scene. For years, she’s been a successful songwriter for singers like Sheryl Crow and LeAnn Rimes. She released her debut album, 12 Stories, in 2013 to overwhelming critical acclaim. In this song, Clark captures the spirit and everyday life of regular folks —including playing US Powerball with a real all-American vibe.
Behind the counter up there on the wall,
It reads $200 million on the Powerball,
Six little numbers that could change it all,
So we pray to Jesus and we play the lotto,
Cause there ain’t but two ways we can change tomorrow

5. Free Money – Patti Smith (1975)
This song comes from Smith’s debut record, Horses, which was hugely influential in the punk rock scene of New York. From the artist herself: “It’s really a song for my mom. She always dreamed about winning the lottery. But she never bought a lottery ticket! She would just imagine if she won, make lists of things she would do with the money — a house by the sea for us kids, then all kinds of charitable things.”
Every night before I go to sleep
Find a ticket, win a lottery
Every night before I rest my head
See those dollar bills go swirling around my bed

6. Next Big Winner – Homegrown Band (2012)
This up-and-coming country-rock band from Georgia, USA has set their love of buying lottery tickets to an iconic country sound. So dust off your cowboy boots and start dancing in our lottery hoedown.
There ain’t no doubt, I’m feeling lucky today
I’ll be a millionaire in a matter of minutes
Just need a couple bucks of scratch-off tickets
Well life would be so much better
I’ll be the next big winner

7. Lottery – Lydia Caesar (2013)
Lydia Caesar is a new find for me and I must say that this is just good, solid fun and a complete joy to listen to! She compares her relationship to winning the lottery and how lucky she feels to have found someone so wonderful.
I hit the jackpot, I’m done
Cash my check, you’re the one
I thought the odds were against me
In the love lottery

8. Lottery Winners on Acid – The Crimea (2002)
Based in London, this indie-rock band have toured with artists like Regina Spektor, Billy Corgan, and Kings of Leon. Their inventive music video and humorous lyrics make “Lottery Winners on Acid” a must for any playlist. The band currently is inactive; Davey MacManus, the lead singer, recently changed career paths, by getting a nursing degree and has talked about opening a children’s home in South Africa.
We walk through the streets
Like lottery winners on acid
Everything she say
I was thinking anyway
We walk through the streets
Like lottery winners on acid

9. Lottery – Michelle Chamuel (2014)
Michelle Chamuel first caught the attention of American audiences when she became runner-up of the fourth season of The Voice in 2013. Chamuel compares her relationship to playing the lottery and is hoping to win in the game of love in this upbeat pop song.
Let’s not make it harder than it has to be
I’ll take a chance on you, you’ll take a chance on me
And we’ll both play the lottery
And we’ll both play the lottery
We’ll find out if it’s meant to be
If we’re both playing the lottery

10. Money (That’s What I Want) – Barrett Strong (1960)
Alright, so this doesn’t actually specifically mention the lottery, but it’s a classic and needs to be on this playlist! Many bands, including The Beatles, have covered this song throughout the years, but nothing is quite as fun as the original. So pump up the volume and dance to your heart’s content as you buy lottery tickets online!
The best things in life are free
But you can give then to the birds and bees
I need money (that’s what I want)
That’s what I want (that’s what I want)
That’s what I want (that’s what I want)
That’s what I want (that’s what I want)