Pretty Green

Listen To This Really Rare Stone Roses Track: Boy On A Pedestal

This is rare. How rare? Imagine the rarest steak you’ve ever eaten in your life. Well on second thought it’s not that rare, but it’s close.

To give you some background Will Odell from the old website “I am without shoes” got a hold of this years ago from what we at the time guessed was Mani. Though there were rumors that this is from some bag that ian brown left behind at a flat he was renting at the time. I don’t quite know. What I do know is that Boy on a Pedestal didn’t even make it to the 6th reissue release though pearl bastard did. It’s that rare. It’s not great by any means. This is no “Strange Thing” Oasis Demo and you kind of can understand why it didn’t make the cut. However this song really showcases the collision of their early sound with the stuff they were doing in 87 like Sally Cinnamon so it’s neat in some kind of historical mapping of the band’s sound.