Pretty Green

Peter Pan RIP by Kula Shaker

Peter Pan R.I.P. was the first single off of Kula Shaker’s fourth album Pilgram’s Progress released in June 2010. I also believe it was the only single off the album so there’s that too. My brief search revealed not much “press” about it though we all know that doesn’t exactly matter these days.

Deconstructing the song a big can lead to critisim so I’ll try to wade these waters with light feet. It’s safe to say that a Brit-pop trope is incorporating a Beatles sound in some way during a song. Maybe it’s a badge of honor in some ways. I don’t know. So as with most of these Britpop Bands the Beatles influence can weigh heavily. Especially a band like this. To start a song with a cello only begs the listener to say hey “this sounds like eleanor rigby”.  Although the bridge to the chorus keeps the Beatles theme going it’s more in that way Kula Shaker adopted as their own. No fault there or at all. The song meanders along with usual Kula Shaker rythums and hooks ending a bit too briefly. Your almost waiting for it to kick in by the time it ends leaving me to wonder had the song really ended or is the acoustic part the next part of the time. It is in fact the 2nd song. None of this is really meant to say that this is a bad song in any way. I quite like it. But I like the beatles influence. I just wish they would have moved a little more towards the Hendrix angle than the Beatles way.

With that said if your only knowledge of Kula Shaker was on their “Hey Dude” single or their cover of Deep Purple’s “Hush” then this might be an odd track for you to rediscover them to. They seem to have abandoned that sound that made the K album enormously famous. But you might like this because bands do need to evolve in some respect. So maybe your ears have too and you’ll like this. Maybe you don’t and you’re clicking away right now so either way what do you think of this track? Do you like it?

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