Pretty Green

Liam Gallagher Says Something About Next Beady Eye Album And That Means There Is News.

In a don’t you wish you wish you were there moment Liam Gallagher talked to a fan about the next Beady Eye album. NME is running it as their lead story which is hilarious because this is not real news. By comparison – a place that doesn’t often quote the sun as a source – The Guardian is running an interview with Matthew White so, to be fair to both, I guess it’s just a slow news week.

This video means so little to anything/anyone other than “shit I wish I was that guy because how bad ass would it be to grab a smoke with Liam”, but I guess the other places will say there’s a quote about the next album being “like rock ‘n’ roll, but fired out into space” and that the album is finish mixing.

So there you have it. This is news.

And, yeah, I’m ready for a new Beady Eye album. Bring it on.