Pretty Green

Letters From Dad….Subject: When You Grow Up I Hope You’re Ray Davies

Hi Son!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know that band I play in the car all the time? This may come as a bit of a shock but I like them a lot. Surely you saw my huge collection of Kinks Vinyl ordered by year of release down to the month every day of your life, right? Maybe you remember that time when you were peeing down your leg onto my new Fred Perry while

I’m telling you all this because I want you to know that I want you to be Ray Davis when you get old.

The reason is because one night I was having a white russian while watching this video of them in the 1960’s – the one with him having really long hair and he sings days and it came to me. Look it up on those youtubes. They have videos there I bet. The problem with that night I think is I screwed up the drink because really quickly I got sick. And you know me and my stomach problems. And, I haven’t had a White Russian in probably 10 years. See the last time I did your mom had to rescue me from this fight I was having with two guys on your uncles speedboat. Everyone was having a really good time but then came on “days” and you know how we do. We all started bouncing along and then the boat started bouncing and, well, to make a long story short it was this guys fault 100% without question.  But since that was the night you were concieved and I was watching the same song 10 years apart I think that this means you should be Ray Davies. I bought you the guitar in the garage, go look.





I was singing “superman” to you?  That was a Kinks song. Now I know what you’re thinking – Fred Perry’s are EXPENSIVE. Luckily I bought that Fred Perry off Ebay from some person who sells knock off Fred Perry’s. So far no-one has noticed that yet. That would be awkward if they did so keep it a secret ok? Don’t judge me. So why am I tell you this now? It’s not because I’m really buzzing off that 4 whiskey and coke I made tonight….


This is first part of the “Letters from dad” series