Pretty Green

Lets Watch Miles Kane Play “You’re Gonna Get It”

I’d put up the better quality video but they host it through brightcove which means, you know, like, forget web 2.0. FORGET IT. Sharing? That’s for: l-o-s-e-r-s. I mean, I know NME does it’s fair share of weirdness – I do stuff too! –  and they’re such an easy target when they’re at the top, but, like, come on guys. Come on, you guys. What is up with the no embedding of videos?  Really though, I know video hosting is ludicrously expensive and I’m not faulting you one bit. Oh wait, I am. But, it’s not a big bit!

Back to the music….

I quite like this track, except for the “yeah yeah yeah” at the end. I think it could have just been Weller at the end while Miles riff’s. How about you, do you like it?