Pretty Green

Lets watch an interview from before Blur was stupidly huge famous

:We weren’t sure if people will like us. And in a couple weeks time it will become clear.”

ha ha ha ha. Oh the 90’s!

Listen up Damon, it will become stupidly more clear. To the point of millions of albums and 10’s of thousands of people at shows. I mean, we all saw that coming, right? Lets take a moment shall we to laugh at how he says bands judged on albums and not singles. Remember how close we were to the 80’s at that time. And of course I know it’s 1991 so it’s technically 2 years, which is by today’s standard’s 15,000 years, so it’s not very much at all. But that looming one hit wonderism, at least in american terms, was still prevalant in the music scene. Today we laugh and say “singles?”. Only the major’s release them and they’re for who? The record store buying public? It might still be according to NME, but who really reads them. (I do).

In the end though Blur was fantastic for it’s albums and also singles during music’s transition period. Though, I guess, in many american eyes “Song 2” was a one hit wonder so by some weird chance they could be lumped into that. Though the world is not America and truthfully if not for the Gorillaz and there being a rather large audience that listens to varied types of musics to shut people up who say BLUR WOOO HOOO, we do know that Blur wasn’t just that song. People aren’t that dumb. So life is good. Today, because today is a Blur day!