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Lets Talk About How Richard Ashcroft Might Have Found God

We saw this coming didn’t we. Richard Ashcroft found Jesus.

I may be wrong here, but it sure does seem to me after listening to these songs that Richard Ashcroft has found some kind of religion(S). SWEEET. In all reality It is probably entirely his own because I can just see that  super massive ego making himself his own savior. Say 7 hail Richards and 15 our Richards and REPENT.  I’m kidding of course, but it is possible. With that said I’m sure if you find faith in things that this doesn’t make you a bad person or even a bad musician. Though it certainly doesn’t explain most of his solo career.  I think that if that you need to find a god to survive this miserable, cold (WINTER IS COMING!), heartless existence then please do. I’ve found my own method of coping with crap so why can’t you? What I generally have issue with is that it never really just stops there with the born again crowd. Peeps start making videos. VIDEOS. There is usually, and of course generally, a “we will rise and live and you’ll be here you heathen being you” sentiment. I think it’s that they obtained some smug mental state that is significantly higher than your own. Which in my case is not a hard thing to do.

So these songs sure do come across that way to me. Is it me? Is it way off base? Am I just totally put off needlessly about the quality of the video’s which look soooo horrid?


I’m really curious about why a good amount of people who go off the deep end with illegal substances,or drink, (and richard did) tend to bounce to the other extreme and “find god”. Not find god and say i’m dealing with life as it comes, but go all Kirk Cameron with it.

Here are the video’s I’m hating on..