Pretty Green

Lets Talk About How Great Trash By Suede Still Is

Holy cow REMEMBER this song? I do! It was great in 96 and it’s still great today. It still captures that sound of the time without sounding solely rooted in that time. Obviously some other Suede songs are stuck in that moment but Trash seems to rise above it while calling on the moments that made the mid 90’s great. It was this period of time where we asked ourselves many questions and then found those answers instantly in utter and complete confidence. The answers were, of course, clothes, cigs, and booze.

One of the things I love about this song is it’s ability for me, and for most anyone as well, is to out of nowhere suddenly break out their Air-Mic and sing the chorus. This is fairly easily done on most any Suede song. It’s fairly easily done on ANY brit-pop song from the 90’s. That was the other element to the mid 90’s greatness. The ability for you to sing along to most any song in unison with hundreds or thousands of other people. This song totally captures that moment and like a delorean time machine zips us back to the 90’s if for an instant. Now where are the clothes,cigs and booze?