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Let’s Listen to the New Noel Gallagher Track ‘In The Heat Of The Moment’

It’s Noel Gallagher Day here at BPN. We can’t contain our excitement about the weekend’s news that Noel Gallagher will release a new album in March 2015 with a supporting tour. Let’s listen to the official audio of the new single In The Heat Of The Moment, which will be released 17 November 2015.

First impression? It’s super catchy, yes? This is the kind of song that will be stuck in your head all day, in the best of ways. It reminds me a bit of “AKA … What a Life” with its uptempo polished production. There’s quite a bassline here. All in all, it sounds like familiar classic Noel but also modern. Noel’s voice sounds perfect as usual. I feel quite confident in this album, how about you?

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