Pretty Green

Lets Chart Our Musical Past!

I realize the blog is “Britpop” and all that but in reality this is my blog because I pay 12.99 a year to godaddy SO WHATEVER LETS STOP TALKING ABOUT REAL LIFE AND NOW MUSIC PEOPLE.

I’m old enough to remember the 80’s in that childlike way we remember music from a time without having lived emotionally in it like when you hit 18+ when you can go to a show and that music is stuff we start associating with moments of life, and BOYFRIENDS AND GIRFRIENDS OMG YOU LIKE WONDERWALL TOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Or in reality be dissapointed at the bands next release (hello bluestones). So here is a bit of my musical history.

Please share yours!

ABC – The Look Of Love

Echo and the bunny men killing moon

Pet shop boys

The Cure -Open