Pretty Green

Lets All Listen To ‘In The Morning’ By The Coral

Hey you guys.  I know sometimes we stretch the limits of what is Britpop to be anything that is from the land masses off the north-western european coast and the Coral fall kind of into that zone for obvious reasons. That’s because they’re from Hoylake on the Wirral Peninsula. Because of that, that means..well you get the point.

Now, I wouldn’t call these guys britpop and hell most every single major band from the Britpop scene hates the term, but these guys encompass some of the sounds we all seem to like. There’s a chirpy melody, a swinging beat ,  and some dreamy/poppy lyrics along with a nice Rickenbacker bass to round things out. Released in 2005 chances are you might know or have heard of this song, but if you’re like me and The Coral flew under your radar this is a great song to get into them with.