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Let Me Introduce You To Miles Kane Old Band The Rascals

The Rascals were an indie rock band from the Hoylake, England. Consisting of Joe Edwards and Greg Mighall and Miles Kane. They really didn’t achieve much success as far as popular numbers but they did get some press because..well who knows..but I can only speculate that they did because they made some good songs. Right? I mean, that means success, right? (It doesn’t). I guess you could say that they were one of those bands that were more artistic than they were popular. While most may disagree I think you have to look at life in the Lowest common denominator way. Most crazy regressive and conservatives swing that to mean “poor” and in their silly terms it does, but it really means that things generally we can all agree upon. Or maybe not. That’s just what I think. (i’m right). I’ll illustrate further.

Love me do is the most perfect example because it’s basic and simple and most people can hum or sing it. That’s not to say it’s not a quality song it’s just that it is easily accessible by all. So with that said there are people whose tastes never graduate out of that level (not a bad thing). Many people don’t think they are that way (but they are) so with that said I think that “the sound” on a level that means the random dude across the block from your house would get into them, I mean that. I don’t see the Rascals as being that in today’s terms. I see the Rascals more as a band that were one you mentioned to someone in the bar and were like oh shit yeah, I like them to and you form a solid bond with that person because they turn out to have awesome tastes. You feel me? ( You should)

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