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Kula Shaker Album Review: Pilgrams Progress

Kula Shaker's Pilgrams Progress album coverThis is not your father’s “K” album. The 2010 release of “Pilgrams Progress” by Kula Shaker to me feels more like a Crispian Mills solo effort than it did the first two albums. Gone are the 60’s pop sounds that made them so famous (or so hated by reviewers) and in it’s place is a really toned down sound. Age does that to you, I guess. The lead song “Peter Pan RIP” never quite sits with me and I find myself making it a little into the song before getting bored. “Ophelia” moves back into The Pigs and Pesants album zone and “Modern Blues” is excellent as it captures that 60’s sound. Barbara Ella the same. All that was missing was a shit hot lead guitar riff on both tracks.  “Only love” is an acoustic sing along that manages to find it’s feet just enough. Calvary is the type of song Kula Shaker saved for B-sides the same with Ruby. Winter’s Call brings together a bunch of elements such as funk guitar wah, spaced out vocals, steady beat and keyboard to end things nicely.

What is missing on this album is that stand out single quality track Kula Shaker excelled at. Was this their Revolver album? Was this them releasing an album of music they liked? The album shouldn’t win over any new fans, but fits nicely into place as a mid career effort.