Pretty Green

Keane Still Doesn’t Realize We’re Laughing AT Them Not WITH Them

HAHAHA OMG, you guys. Keane are SO dense. Like as dense as a ultra compressed Sun dense.

From NME this gem popped up a few weeks back.

“Its our job to fight against mindless pop”. HAHAH OK. SURE. The lead line from the only song I ever liked by you was “WOOOOOOO”. Or OOOOH – I don’t really care enough to find out. And I won’t even mention that junk at the end with the “do you want to be famous” stupid Ashcroftism, or god, worse, Bono shit. You are mindless pop.

You may like Keane and that is ok but it’s kind of funny when pop stars come out and say things like “I’m not big. I’m like you guys.” You are about as believable as a politican at that point. I’m totally like you but with 100 million in the bank. Sure you came from some standard of life that might resemble mine, and you might come back to it (you won’t), but right now you are not us. You are doing two things. One doing nothing while waiting to write a song or two you are being flown about the world with nothing but lackey’s telling you how great/different you are while not doing a damn thing. So essentially you don’t do a damn thing. Wait, you’re touring the world? TOUR IS SUCH HARD WORK. Oh I’m sorry did you fucking book all the flights to different cites of your tour on kayak? Pressing in the credit card info for each flight? Did you personally arrange every meal in every city? Did you load the stuff in and out of the van day in and day out? Did you sleep in the van? Worse still did you not realize you’re on Universal. It’s UNIVERSAL RECORDS part of a multinational record group. Part of the “big four”. There are almost 7,000 employee’s of Universal!! ARGH!!!!!

It doesn’t end there.

“It’s more about the entertainment side of things and less about the music and authenticity. We’re living in the Simon Cowell generation. Everyone seems to be a product of a TV show and it’s made music quite generic, which I find very frustrating.”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Ok. News flash: it’s always been like that. Did you EVER hear of the Monkee’s? From 1966? Almost 50 years ago. The Jackson 5? Almost ANY band from the 80’s? TAKE THAT (HAHAHA UGH!) Backstreet Boys? Look at some of the early country music acts and the grand ol’ oprey.All the same. All a joke to make money in the most digestible way possible. Even the beloved Beatles were sold like a business with silly Christmas songs. Beatles pin’s? Sure, why not! I’ll grant you that maybe you started somewhere so maybe that lone difference from 10+ years ago sets you apart but outside of the Beatles these/your bande all bands that started from an idea of an image that is solely designed to SELL to people’s superficial love of music for ungodly amounts of money.
For you to say essentially “today’s music is just about entertainment side of things” you look like an utter fool. Just shut up and realize we are all laughing at your artist integrity as you collect your money on the way to the bank. And don’t forget to think fondly of those days 10 years ago when you did some semblance of work and had legitimate problems