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Kasabian Album Review: Kasabian

Kasabian Album CoverThe first release from Kasabian came out  2004 during a lull in the “britrock” sound. We were firmly in Coldplay zone (still are?) and whatever the hell Radiohead was putting out at the time. This albums arrival was a nice breath of fresh air as the sound this album brings harkens back to a Manchester sound and that’s where it’s great. But like that scene it loses the plot a little.

The lead and possibly most well known song is “Club Foot”, a thundering song with a stomach churning bass along side a late 90’s type Prodigy beat, with hypnotic vocals. Ian Brown was listening somewhere and thinking “shit we could have been this!” Other tracks like “Reason is Treason” and “Processed Beats” could easily be mistaken for the previous mentioned Stone Roses – if they hadn’t gone sideways. “L.S.F.” brings around Happy Monday’s sounds if they hadn’t been total junkies. There are other tracks like “Running Battle” which seem to test their limits of creativity – and actually turns out well.  Primal Scream anyone? However as if taking cue from the three previous bands they too descend into that questionable land such as literally the last 3 songs on the album. They’re a dreadful acid trip gone wrong that I never want to relive. Should have just stopped at 10.

All of that doesn’t matter in the slightest because this album had “Club Foot” which I’ve heard more out in the world, or on television than I have simply played.  The album has it’s ultra highs and some weird lows, but is otherwise a good addition to anyone’s collection who was a fan of Madchester sound or, any of those late 90’s bands like Lo-Fidelity All-Stars, South, and The Space Monkeys.

You can buy the Kasabia album here.


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