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Johnny Marr To Release New Album Titled The Messenger

Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has set a release date for his first official solo album. In addition to that he has also announced a special appearance with Dinosaur Jr next month. Marr’s new solo album will be called ‘The Messenger’ and is scheduled for release on February 25th of next year.

What is partly confusing to me is that the scope of his contritbution. His site reads

“Johnny has contributed writing, vocals, guitar and production on the album, songs titles include, I Want The Heartbeat, The Right Thing Right, Upstart, Word Starts Attack & European Me.”

To me I can read that of course as he wrote and produced the album and here are song titles,  but I could also read that he only did that for those songs. I’m sure it’s just written not as clearly, or that I’m reading it really stupidly right now so either way the facts remain the same: New Johnny Marr material.

Marr also plans to tour the UK in March 2013 and playing festivals worldwide. In the U.S., his is set to be a special guest of Dinosaur Jr on December 1st during their show at Terminal 5 in New York City.

If you’re curious how he is as a singer you can hear Johnny Marr sing How Soon is now here or watch this video “The Last Ride” from his time fronting the Healers: