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John Power Thinks Really Deeply About His Music And Obviously Has Done A Few Drugs In His Life

I like John Power. I really, really, really do. But lets get one thing out in the open.

John Powers Has Probably Done A Lot of Drugs

I Loved The La’s and loved
the first two Cast albums so we’re cool, ok? You don’t need to go Keane fans angry on me, right? Even listening to this interview where he’s just casually walking through some cutesy park talking about his music is just so damn endearing. The guy obviously loves his music. He’ll play it anywhere and for anyone. He’ll chat up fans and be totally into it. The opposite of Lee Mavers. On the other hand I cant help but say John, you’re great, but your music is not like Rush so don’t over complicate it. Or at least don’t play that it’s something it’s not.  What you create is kind of straightforward “rootsy” pop with really clever hooks.
I guess I get that as a musician we can sometimes think about our music a bit too much. We think about it “feeling” right. Whatever that means. Maybe we’ll fiddle with a note for hours on end trying to find it’s right place so in a sense that is deep. I guess what I’m really trying to say is just, sometimes, when someone offers, don’t take a HUGE hit. You know what I mean man? You’re music is cool, and you’re cool, but it’s really not that deep to create a life of it’s own on stage.