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Jarvis Cocker: Your Britpop Style Icon

Jarvis Cocker just oozes with sex appeal, from his hip-swielving dances to his seductive voice. His outfits, while not over the top, still manage to draw attention, to the point where he won, in the same year, both NME’s Best Dressed and Worst Dressed. His style blurs the line between tacky and classy, garish and dapper. Here are some memorable ones:

jarvis cocker, glastonbury

picture from Rolling Stone Bernd Muller/Redferns

What’s going on here Jarv? You’ve really outdone yourself with the stripes here. Double breasted brown pinstripe AND a yellow/yellow striped shirt that exactly matches your tie? Where do you even find clothes like this? And how do you make them work? Perhaps its the huge framed glasses or the slightly bewildered pout, but somehow he makes such pattern clashing [or pattern over matching when it comes to the tie] look good!

Picture of Jarvis Cocker<br />

picture from

Another double breasted jacket, this one giving off the sea captain vibe, what with the shiny buttons and all. Couple that with a tie that appears to be patterned with various nation flags and you’ve got yourself a navy general meets international businessman chic. No need to scowl like that Jarvis, it’s a dandy little look and it suits you well, though your hair may need a wash!

Picture of Jarvis Cocker<br />

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All teasing aside, the man has a knack for throwing together brown and red color schemes that seem to look perfect on him, especially in his older years, when he took to growing his hair out. The patterns of his shirt, tie and jacket all clash and stand out enough to make this something you don’t want to wear to a job interview, but it looks good enough that if Jarv wasn’t pulling this pose for music magazines, he’d look at home in the Fall issue of GQ.

On invading Michael Jackson's stage at The Brits: "Although I don't regret it as a moral action, the fact it will be the first line in my obituary is just a little bit disappointing. I'd like to think I'd given more to the world." (The Guardian, November 2008). Pic: PA Photos

After all, here he is better dressed than George Clooney!

So if you need a Britpop style icon, Jarvis is as good as any. Dapper suits, always clad in a blazer, tie and straight leg trousers that make him look even skinner [if that’s possible!]. Flashy and daring without being too comical, his outfits are versatile enough to turn heads without looking utterly out of place everywhere you go. But watch out, the most important part of capturing the Jarvis look may not be the clothes, but rather the way you hold yourself. If you have the blasé sass and self confidence of Jarvis Cocker you can make anything look standout.