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Jarvis Cocker Album Review: Further Complications

jarvis cocker further complications album coverI love Jarvis Cocker. Mostly because he’s Jarvis the Male Diva. The 2009 release of “Further Complications” shows a really great offshoot of the Pulp sound with just Jarvis behind the wheels. At times you can totally hear Pulp as a band, but then also realize jarvis’s influence behind that sound. Each track manifests itself behind the bravado of the Image of Jarvis and releases itself in even more dramatic fashion. You can’t help but nod your head to the track “Angela”. You can’t help but air guitar to “Pilchard”. You can’t help but love the storytelling in “I Never Said I Was Deep”. You can’t help but mime along to “Further Complications”. You can’t help but hate the title to “Fucking Song” but instantly love the guitar. And then there’s “Slush” which might as well send you back to “Common People” with it’s drawn out epic sound even if it’s a bit more on the psychedellic side than pop-rock/britpop. There is a misstep surprising for even a genius like Jarvis.  “You’re in my eyes” is disco and that alone makes it a tragedy. I don’t know there’s an obsession with British acts to bring the disco but it never works. I mean it never manages to get even close to that sound Curtis Mayfield or Marvin made. But, I guess, if there is one person to get close it’s Jarvis. And close he gets.

You’ll find yourself liking most of these songs intimately and that’s precisely the appeal of Jarvis. Ever the story teller and lyrical mastermind Jarvis Cocker pulls off what makes him so great in “Further Complications”. You should at the very least check out this album. And if you’re a Pulp fan you need to know every lyric as you do.