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Using pop culture in home design

One quick and easy way of injecting energy and personality into an interior is by introducing pop culture influences.  The term pop culture is a catch-all phrase for the trends, iconography and images seen widely in the mass media.  Today, pop culture is as rich and complicated as ever and the scope for including it […]

Glastonbury Festival Guide

A festival essential you can rely on

We’ve all experienced the pre-festival panic buying that takes place every year in preparation for the summer festivals. The trouble is as we know; summer in the British Isles does not mean glorious sunshine month after month. In fact, history has shown us that the British weather is about as predictable as a box of […]

A Travel Guide To Monaco

Monaco has some exceptionally elegant casinos Monaco is fast becoming one of the more elegant places to visit in Europe. Highlighted by the recent big-money buy-out of their football team and the exquisite locations they have on offer, the second smallest independent state in the World is clearly the place to be right now. Where […]

If you won the lottery, where would you travel to?

Everyone loves luxury travel, and if you were to win the lottery, you’d certainly be able to fund it easily. The big question is, though, where would you go?   In recent National Lottery information released by Camelot and Oxford Economics on more than 3,000 lottery millionaires in the UK, there were a number of […]

2013: A Year of Great Video Game Soundtracks

  Some would argue that video game soundtracks are now far more epic in scale than film scores. Indeed, a game music composer’s workload is far, far greater than it would be on a film production: ‘short’ games have about 8 to 9 hours of game play, with the music changing as the game progresses. […]

How much longer for 1D?

Without a shadow of a doubt, British boy-band One Direction are the biggest thing since the Beatles. Thanks to their loyal army of female fans, the British lads have broken numerous records. They are the first band in the history of the US Billboard 200 to have their first three albums debut at number one […]