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Will Molly Smitten-Downes win Eurovision for the UK?

In a couple of months, there’ll be the annual media hype about the next Eurovision song contest. This is one of the world’s longest running televised programmes which first took place in 1956. Since then there have been 61 Eurovision winning songs, one for each year, except in 1969 when the points system left the […]

Best Songs About Gambling

   by  alterna2 Who knows who’s online to gamble and play casino these days? That’s the beauty of the internet gaming world for celebrities who like to have the odd flutter – or more. They can hide behind an anonymous user name and gamble to their hearts’ content without facing the public scrutiny that they might […]

Does England love Beer the most?

Do you think you know all the facts about beer? Well think again, as we’re sure this beer infographic from loveholidays will teach you a thing or two about the popular alcoholic beverage. You will discover fun facts such as the phobia name given for having a fear of an empty glass – it’s certainly […]

Former Sleeper Singer is a Hit at the Tables!

The 1990s will always be regarded as pivotal time in music, if only for the change to a more direct, less polished style of music stripped of the excess, pomp and bombast (typified by the outrageous hairstyles and spandex costumes worn by the dignified gentlemen of the hair metal and arena rock scene) that characterized […]

Style Profile: Jake Bugg

Young songwriter Jake Bugg is wearing a Bottle Green Stripe Collar Pique Polo in the video “Two Fingers”. Here’s a screen cap below. We’ve written a little about Jake here and are mostly fans. Some songs better than others but on the whole worthwhile. My opinion is i’d like to see what he does on […]