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The Weekender Question: What Do You Think Of The Stone Roses Comeback Shows?

Hey Weekenders! Question for you: What Do You Think Of The Stone Roses Comeback Shows? The good news is The Stone Roses reformed fucking finally. We are able to hear the blessed drums of Alan “Reni” Wren combined with John Squire’s guitar and Mani’s Bass. The questions I wonder about is have the reunion shows […]

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Stories From The Week That Was

Do You Know The Band Ride? – You may know of them because of Andy Bell the bassist in Oasis but many knew them as an influential band from the early 90’s shoegaze scene. Happy Birthday, Rick Witter! – The Shed 7 front man passes another year! Happy Birthday doots! Mensweargate 2012 – SRS DRAMAZ. Seriously, chill the […]

A promo shot of the band from oxford england - Ride

Do You Know The Band Ride?

A Brief History Of The Oxford Based Band Ride Ride are a finicky band that existed in really seminal fashion, or at least I think so. I’ve found that if you knew them you generally loved them, or were not into it in the slightest. Their sound was unique in that they existed over two […]

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New Music Monday: Jake Bugg

Chances are you may have already heard of Jake Bugg as he has been plugged by Noel Gallagher and even opened for Beady Eye so to say that he’s new is a few months behind on my part. His album was released and placed #1 on the charts so there is that too – if […]