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Do artists need apps?

There is no question that social media is the way to connect with fans if you are an artist. Social media is what everyone uses for promotion. However, an artist needs an app to connect with a dedicated fan base and sell their tracks. Here are just a few of the advantages of using apps […]

A Simple Guide To Organising Your First Gig

Are you thinking of organising your very first gig? It may be that you’re in a band and want to get your name out there; you might be looking to raise some money for charity, or perhaps you simply want to organise a night to showcase local talent. Organising your own gig will be hugely […]

Tips for Easier Plane Traveling with Kids

Do you still remember the unpleasant look of the co-passengers when you boarded the plane with your kid. The look was not for you, but the menace that they expect that your kid will create. This is quite an embarrassing situation! As if they were asking “will you be able to control the creature you […]

James Blunt takes a swipe at X-Factor

Shock Horror – X-Factor ‘not about the music’ James Blunt had a pop at the X-Factor in a magazine interview, labelling Simon Cowell’s talent search as “”not really about the music” as well as questioning whether or not the hugely successful series is genuine. Far be it from us to speculate James, but there are […]

Fitness fashion: inspiration from the stars

Fashion plays a major part in today’s modern world, and much of the American public takes its inspiration from both catwalk models and pop stars when it comes to selecting outfits that are on trend. An increasing number of people strive to look stylish no matter the occasion, including while working out at the gym […]

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Yorkshire passes Le Tour test with flying colours

The sights, sounds, cyclists and crowds, everything that was geared up to be the 2014 Tour de France opening stage in Yorkshire simply surpassed all expectations. Of course a very traditional French event but as you can see in this video, the crowds in Leeds and along the country roads through to Harrogate brought a […]