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Disco: A history

Disco: A history Is there a genre of music more likely to get any audience of people on their feet and dancing than disco? Disco artists have always been popular with booking agents, and that should come as no surprise – it’s a feelgood sound that’s almost universally enjoyed. Disco music peaked in popularity between […]

Lucky Lottery Playlist

Lucky Lottery Playlist Working in an office, driving down the city streets, running through a lovely park — add a music playlist to these activities and suddenly you feel like you’re in a Hollywood movie. Why should playing the lottery be any different? Play these tunes while you’re in a lucky lottery mood and accentuate […]

Tips for musicians to avoid RSI

One of the most common problems that musicians encounter is Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Musicians who play their instruments for long periods of time are at a higher risk of suffering from RSI. Musicians who suffer with RSI may be forced to stop playing any instruments for a while in order to recover. RSI is […]

5 Popular Cape Town Attractions

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, often placing in the Top 10 cities to visit. With so much to offer, where do you start? Here is a quick guide to five popular attractions.   Table Mountain The majestic Table Mountain towering over the city of Cape Town is a […]


Traditional bingo has taken a step back in recent years. It doesn’t feel like that long ago that bingo halls up and down the country were seeing increased success and their popularity were at its dizzying heights. Sadly, however, in more recent times the industry has seen a steady decline and in spite of the […]

Five of the Most Fashionable film stars of all time

  We live in an age where celebrity culture is extremely popular, with the world’s most famous movie stars embodying this better than anyone. Hollywood’s leading men tend to influence the prevailing fashion trends throughout the Western world, while even those from yesterday remain cultural icons in terms of the clothes that they wear and […]

How to do festivals on the cheap

The festival season is upon us – the Isle of Wight and Download festivals took place this weekend and now thoughts are turning towards the iconic Glastonbury starting on June 24. The number of festivals is growing each year and whether you’re into pop, rock or folk you will be spoilt for choice. For music […]

2015’s Fashion Icons: The Brits We Want To Dress Like” width=”1″ height=”1″ class=”alignnone” /> There’s something about British style isn’t there? It’s renowned throughout the world. Streets have become iconic. Buildings synonymous. And of course it’s created some iconic figures. There’s of course the Beatles with their mop tops and four-buttoned suits. Twiggy with her mini-skirt. Bowie with his loud, gender-bending outfits. And after […]

5 of the Best and Most Memorable Gay Pride Songs

While the nature and message of Gay Pride may have changed in recent times, the spectacle that it creates has not. From inner cities and suburbs around the world to the bright, bold and overtly homosexual   entertainment provided by Vegas shows, Gay Pride no longer represents a movement aimed to overcome bigotry and achieve equality […]