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James Confirmed New Album Release in Mid 2014

Another excitement to go, James has just confirmed to release their 13th studio album on June 2014. Four years after their last double EP; The Night Before and The Morning After. Frankly speaking, I’ve never put that much attention on James after Tim Booth left in 2001, he is the voice of James, without whom James wouldn’t be sounded as nostalgic as it is. And now more than a decade later I spent my morning digging their studio pieces that I’ve missed.


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On August 2013 Tim Booth told the Daily Record about the recording session they did in Gairloch, Scotland, while they were headlining Belladrum Tartan Heart festival.

“It is one of the strongest things we’ve made. There is a slight dance aspect to it we’ve never had before. It’s a very strong set of songs on the album that we have worked at.

“Lyrically, there are a lot of themes of death because a lot of people died last year that I knew and was close to.

“That makes it sound depressing but some of it is uplifting – about letting go of things and not waiting for anything any more, about living life to the fullest.”

Now in February 2014, the 32 years old Factory’s announced the release date of their new baby called La Petite Mort. First single to be released on April 28th is ‘Moving On’ which they have previewed last year also in Belladrum festival. To make sure that they still sound a bit britpop a bit post-punkish and promising, check out ‘Frozen Britain’ one of the track from the upcoming album here:

The best part is what Jim Glennie wrote on the website:

James will be playing gigs and festival throughout the year, so keep an eye on for info. We will of course be playing lots of songs off the new record.

There is also probably an arena tour in the pipeline but I don’t think I’m supposed to mention that, so I must remember to delete that bit before I send this.”

Probably a lucky year for us to catch them live! (Thakis)


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