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Jake Bugg Full Set From Coachella

Jake Bugg played Coachella as you may well know, and here’s the video for his full set. At least, for as long as it’s live on youtube and not taken down. There’s no way this one stays live. I say this because as your watching this video notice not the Coachella branding (from the Coachella video feed) in the lower right, but the watermark someone placed on the top right “Arctic Strokes”. For those not aware of what that is instantly: hat’s copyright infringement. It’s why you see tons of takedown notices on this live material – or any of the Noel Gallagher demo’s we find.

Back to Jake though. The set at Coachella looks like another standard “i’m not moving much, but kind of enjoying this at the same time awkward moments” I’ve come to expect from Jake. Not a bad thing, but I’ll tell you if I’m 19 and writing songs like that I’m at least shaking My butt. At least. Butt shaking is pretty much the “i’m getting laid by the 10 girls in the front row” territory. So shake that butt a little Jake and enjoy it while you can. Round 24 – those calories from the beer/lager start sticking and those kids size medium jeans you wear won’t be fitting so easily.

Full Setlist:
1. Kentucky
2. Trouble Town
3. Seen It All
4. Slumville Sunrise
5. Ballad of Mr Jones
6. Country Song
7. Simple as This
8. Two Fingers
9. Taste It
10. Lightning Bolt