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Jake Bugg Breaks His Legendary Silence On Mumford And Sons

Jake bugg in an alley

Jake Bugg has become quite a thing. And by a thing I mean: amazing. Or at least the first 6 songs on that record. The rest of it..not so much. We all know that with a record comes great responsibility. You have to start talking about a lot of things. There is no greater burden in this world. The best part is most of those things don’t even matter yet you knowyour PR person is there saying “answer everything!!!!!!!!” with lots of “u’s” and “plz’s”. And so you do it because you want to get your record out, and hoepfully make some sales so thus you have this huge responsibility. I mean, you have to pay for that PR person anyways!

So you talk, and talk, and talk, and talk about everything. There will come a time when  you’ll make statements which mean literally nothing to you, and even me, (I’m half asleep writing this) but some editor will go “bingo!” and will hold onto because it’s a great little soundbite that gets people going “hmmmm”. So with that…

I bring HUGE news folks.

Jake Bugg has finally broken his legendary silence on Mumford and Son’s. The exact quote is “They just look like posh farmers with banjos to me … but I don’t have anything against anyone’s background.”

More on this story as it develops.