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Jake Bugg Album Review: Jake Bugg

This guy is getting crazy press from all the right folks and that is to say from Noel Gallagher.  There is probably no other person to get better press from in the UK music rock arena. You’ve possibly heard one of Jake’s songs before in Lightning Bolt heard below. Before I talk about the song know that Jake Bugg occupies some wonderfull place where The La’s never could get to. The song is an acoustic heavy song with lyrical and vocal comparison’s that you’ll instantly make to a Bob Dylan if he could actually carry notes. You may disagree with me on that, and I’m sure the rest of the musical press would too, but I’m just not a fan in the slightest. I’m aware of his affect on others, and even influence here, but I like Jake’s voice fare more. Moving on..

I’ve not experienced a first half of an album as strong as this since possibly Beady Eye’s “Different Gear, Still Speeding” album. The gauntlet of “Lightning Bolt”, “Two fingers”, “Taste it”, “Seen it all” and “Simple as This” is really the highlight of this release. You could stop there and have reason enough alone to buy it. However after those songs the album goes a bit sideways. Only the redeeming Hank Williams driven song of “Troubled Town” or Ballad of Mr Jones brings it back to life. The latter song reminding you of what Ashcroft could have outputted had he decided to not go “woo woo woo”. That’s a hell of a comparison and compliment to make and I make it confidently.

The trouble for me with this album is it’s amount of songs, not as compelling 2nd side (songs 6-14), and length but it’s being enormously harsh almost needlessly. For his age Jake Bugg shows tremendous potential if he keeps his heads on his shoulders correctly. I imagine the influence upon him is enormous right now. Will he go down the tepid Starsailor route or will he move on with what makes him essential to music today and that’s a return to quality, lively, and catchy songwriting focusing on core elements. Were I to pass down advice it’s this.

1. Don’t get married – DONT HAVE KIDS YET
2. Don’t fall deeply in love and start writing open love notes to her in songs.
3. Break up with said partner before you go sideways and crank out a “Cold Roses” album like Ryan Adams.
4. Don’t get too into drugs.

You’ll do well Jake Bugg – we LOVE what you’re doing. So stay the course, keep your eye on the goal, crank out the craft, and just add about 20-30 seconds more to each song. You’ll really kick some bottom.