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It’s Officially Time To Get Excited About The Stone Roses

Oh it’s ON. TONIGHT.

Go read this short piece on the BBC from John Robb about the reunion and the direction the band is taking. If you don’t want to I’ll lay the two good quotes below. First, however, I understand that from my sofa John Robb is a writers writer. He sells stories bottom line. Man has got to eat after all right? So is this just a sell to the starving fans? Probably. Regardless he is selling me hard on The Roses reunion with these quotes.

“Reni also told John Robb, months ago, that he had written new material: “At the press conference I spoke to Reni who said he had new songs but he wasn’t sure if they’d make it onto the album. ”

So, woah! Reni is writing songs? CAN I GET A HIGH FIVE!? And then this..

“Robb said: ‘I have bumped into Ian Brown a couple of times and he said they have new songs. And they’ve signed a two album record deal so you’d kind of figure that they do have new stuff. Ian Brown described them to me as psychedelic pop songs.”

Sounds great. Psychedelic Pop? Sure if it’s like Mersey Paradise! However I’m not so sure about this direction because i’ve bought the Ian Brown pitch before and been let down a bit. He’s said sounds like just that a few times and it was not. Don’t get me wrong the guy made some great solo music, but he laid a few major eggs in there too. And even in the end he got a little too recycled with his music. So will it be the same? Will squire drop more chris helme horrible Seahorses type music on us? Did Mani blow his load on all that great Primal Scream Stuff? We’ll see: TONIGHT. YOU GUYS did you read that? >TONIGHT<

I just cant even believe it.

Video will be up tomorrow here if anyone shares on youtube (they will).