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It Was All Yellow? – The Truth Behind The Coldplay hit

“Look at the stars….look how they shine for you…”
You’re familiar with the song right? It’s one of the big hits from major British band Coldplay. But were the stars really what front man Chris Martin was looking at?
Recorded in March 2000, The song was released as the lead single of the band’s debut album ‘Parachutes’ which went on to become a huge success. The story goes like this; taking a break from recording and heading out of the studio Wales, the lights and stars were credited by the song’s co-producer Ken Nelson as being “Just Amazing” that night. Chris Martin, being inspired by the sight came up with the main melody of the song in his head. The song originally had a slow start and as said by the members of the band, sounded like a Neil Young tune. Once the band had the main tune and melody down, Martin couldn’t work out any suitable lyrics. Looking around the studio, he spotted a Yellow Pages phonebook and later named the song “Yellow” as a reference to the pages.