Pretty Green

Is This the Worst Muse Video Yet?

Muse have released the video for their new single, “Follow Me,” taken from the album The 2nd Law. For some reason they went the way of “Resistance” from the last album and compiled live footage for the video. “Live” music videos set to the album track are always boring. With as much money the band is raking in, they can afford something a little more interesting. However, they’ve always had pretty substandard videos (and I say that as a fan).

It’s a shame because “Follow Me” is one of two listenable tracks on the disappointing (almost embarrassingly so) new record. (Here’s the other one.) The overly dramatic delivery and shots of tweens who are just sooo into it are enough to mar a sweet song that Matt Bellamy reportedly wrote for his baby son.

Disappointing album, disappointing video, perhaps the era of Muse is over.