Pretty Green

Is This Live Version Of I Know It’s Over By The Smiths The Saddest Thing Ever?

I think it’s fair to say that most every person has dealt with depression in some capacity. Some definitely more so than others. This song is our song. And you can never take it away.

Some of us are genetically disposed to being sadder than others which should go without saying if you have at all examined yourself and the others around you. Since I’m a total OCD obsessive person in that regard, I, of course, love The Smiths. They do many things great (and some bad too) but one thing I enjoy in this moment is that they can speak to this depressive state which has the horrid side effect of making you feel you are completely and utterly alone. This song is I completely feel the anthem for this moment. It is beautiful in every way, but essentially it’s the lyrics that hit home.

The song is tough for me to listen to at times because of the memories it brings up. In our (mine) darkest moments we went away abandoning this world to find solace in the imagery this song puts out. You weren’t alone. I was not alone. I agree it does take strength to be gentle and kind in this cold miserable world Mozzer, it was that line that always made me feel some sense of strength.  So what happened to you! OOMPH. Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidding.  The other beautiful element of this song is that it also speaks, much as most any smiths song does, is to those who are struggling with their sexual identity. Which is amazing. Smack in the middle of Reagan and Thatcher. Good god, how was he not lynched with all those fools in power. Not only does he touch on depression, but also who you are as a person in regards to your sexual choice – which should never matter yet still somehow does to many. Some people suck, right?

I think we’ve come leaps and bounds from where we were when The Smiths were still a band and this is a good thing. The cure to depression of “just feel better, or stop feeling” is a kick in the pants to people who can’t control it. The other stupid curing being gay is also something I hate equally as much. I like to think that songs like this brought into the light depression and sexual orientation by adding in the human side of it making us understand we’re all not that different. There is certainly no reason to have so much hate towards each other when we’re struggling just to get through this world in our own way.