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Is It Ok To Talk About How Sad I Am About Colplay Yet?

I’ve been going through some of my older Coldplay songs and while listening to Only Superstition I got really sad. It got me feeling sad about how much they have changed. I can’t be the only one. Do we blame Gwenyth? Or Do we say THANK YOU GWEN? I mean YOU PREVENTED PEOPLE FROM DIEING ON 9/11. U-G-H. Sure, I’ll give you one thing and that is they’ve continued that melancoly sound. And we all saw that nice-sadpop sound continue on because how could it not. I guess as well they’ve made some brand of totally mainstream pop music actually sound good. Some voice of sanity amongst the nickelbacks of this world. (They’re such easy targets, but they’re not the first nor the last.) I liked “Talk” which came out I guess in 06? I also liked the first 2 albums. As in liked I mean LOVED. With a voice of the gods I would sell that till I had nothing left to sell too, most likely. But Viva La Vida is just like Chris Martin sat down and said I’m writing a song for an Itunes Commercial. While I’m at it, take a look at that video…what’s up with the dude getting swole up. Steroids were SOOO 1998 dude.


But, I guess, I’m just holding onto the Radioheadtype past. I understand each band changes. They most likely have a start and a end. Unless you’re maybe the Ramones (OR STROKES ZING) you are not set on one sound. For me I just cant help not identifying the change, or getting over the disconnect I have when it comes to the early early stuff to …..what they’re doing now.

Help me out. How do you feel about Coldplay? Do you like their earlier stuff, or celebrate their entire back catalog?


Only Supersition.