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Introduction to Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene Band Introduction

If you’ve never heard Ocean Colour Scene then I’ve got a treat for you. However before moving onto the music I’d like to note that the band is from Birmingham and I’d love to learn if any band has even been from that town other than OCS. I mean, it’s a gigantic city, the 2nd largest in all of England,  but not exactly one known for music in so far as I know. Help me out here. What am I missing? I’m not being mean to Birmingham it’s just that I don’t know. I would be kind of surprised (not really) if there was an actual scene because most countries are lucky to have one musical centre of music lets alone three (manchester, london, livepool). Belgium doesn’t have SHIT though. You know what I mean? What is going on Belgium? STOP MAKING WAFFLES AND MAKE MUSIC.

mosley shoals

Your first introduction to OCS should be Hundred Mile High City without a doubt. Not because you don’t know it. But because  chances are you’ve heard this song either in a commercial, a sports event, or from a movie and just never known the name. After listening to that there is Riverboard song and then after that is The Day We Caught The Train. In regards to their sound I’ll take you from rock to blues to the pop. Now I’m not running over everything they do as they do have a lighter side but sometimes that is a tougher sell. So here goes nothing.

Hundred Mile High City

The Riverboat Song

The Day We Caught The Train