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Interested In Writing About Britpop? We’re Looking For Writers!

Love Britpop? Want to share your thoughts about British music with the world? Why not contribute to Last time we blasted this out we had 9 people join our collective! Why not come be friends with us!

So what is this site exactly? is a site run by Village Green Media that reaches over 500 people daily and is ranked in the top 5000 websites for traffic in the UK as measured by Quantcast. We write mainly about bands that were part of or are connected somewhat to the Britpop scene in the 90’s.

Basic requirements

Please be sure you possess the following basic requirements:

Solid writing ability Basic spelling and grammar are required. Leetspeak, lazy writing like “u”  and obsessive use of acronyms is not acceptable.

Have a sense of humor We don’t take ourselves too seriously here and sometimes poke fun at the bands we love. It’s all in good fun. Just be respectful and tasteful.

Commitment to writing We need people who are interesting in writing on a semi-regular basis.

Availability Be reachable and responsive outside of stories.

How to apply

Send your completed application to

The subject line of the email must be this: Interested in writing for Britpop News!

Include the following in your application:

Britpop background? How did you get into the scene? Did you like Punk, Mod, Shoegaze, or madchester first?

Three sample titles of posts,  i.e.: “Here are 5 great “x” band songs”. If you want to you can provide a brief description of the fleshed out story, but it’s not necessary. 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you pay? We pay in congratulations, which is to say this is not a paying gig. Sorry.

How much do I have to write? Frequency is up to you, but we want at least one story a month.

Will you edit my stories? We will take a look at your stories prior to posting and will let you know if there are any content changes beforehand.

What topics are you most interested in?   Anyone that has an interest however we are looking specifically for someone interested in writing about these things:

1. Coldplay
2. Oasis
3. Arctic Monkeys
Bonus: BBC Shows: Dr Who, Red Dwarf, Luther, Sherlock or Fashion.