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Infographic: Guide to Round the World Travel

With the temperatures in London averaging about 7 degrees Celsius, it’s only fair to start considering a winter vacation to warmer and sunnier climes. Surely you’ve had some time to recuperate from the holiday spending sprees, right?

If you’re thinking of traveling now or in the future, you’ve countless destinations from which to pick. Why not go somewhere distant to experience a new culture? It’s unlikely you’ll hear Oasis or Pulp on the radio there, but at least you’ll get a tan and be the envy of all your pasty friends.

Here’s an infographic from Debenhams that can help you narrow down your choices. I’m thinking the thermal pools in Turkey sound great right about now. However we’re going to pick out two destinations and talk about them as there are a few things to say about them.

Given that we are roasting our own coffee did you know that Hawaii is the only place in the United States that can grow coffee? You can put down a coffee plant anywhere and it will grow given ok conditions but it won’t have everything it needs to produce something sustaintle. Given that a single plant produces one pound and takes several years to grow you’re looking at a lot of effort for little to know output, and inferior at that. The reason it is in Hawaii is that it’s the only place with the correct climate and with high enough elevation for it to grow. Florida being the other consistently hot and humid enough place in the US, but lacks the elevation.  It’s beautiful there, or so we ear, but it’s a heck of a flight for us.


The other place to talk about is Hobbit land, a.k.a New Zealand. I know for a fact that there is more to see than just all the landscapes of New Zealand though they are beautiful. What is appealing to me is that it’s a bit like Canada to the US. It’s there and no less than or even greater than it’s neighboring country. It’s the same, but different as I like to simply put it. Like Hawaii – it’s a brutally long flight from nearly every English speaking country but well worth the visit.