Pretty Green

If you dont know Kula Shaker then you need to listen to Hey Dude right now

Day in and day out there are songs you hear over, and over, and manage to never know. And those songs are ones you’ll say to yourself “I’d like to buy that because I want to listen to this over and over and over” too!

Well, actually, that is a lie. People acted that way in the 90’s. Now we just go to Amazon or iTunes or just talk to our iPhone I guess. Maybe you come here and just wait for me to tell you about various songs as we travel back slowly in time to that period where we had to actually do a few things like..go to a record shop. Man, those were hard, hard days indeed.

But Kula Shaker playing Hey Dude at Glastonbury in 1997 looked like a fun day because of this video.