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If You Didn’t Know About The Inspiral Carpets Let Me Teach You The Err of Your Ways

The Inspiral Carpets fucking rocked. There, I said it. I’ve never written about them here because they kind of flew under the radar of most people post 95 or so? They were one of those bands when you met a fellow music fan and went through bands you eventually landed on and were in major, major, major, bro down territory. I also don’t know if there’s much of a crowd for their music here so I’ve generally avoided them. So, let me see the ERR of MY WAYS and post about them now. Because they are worth posting about. You can read a huge history over on wikipedia but I’ll give you a quick run down BPN (which is as little as possible).

First: If you hate farfisa’s this may not be your thing. So, start liking farfisa’s because they’re amazing.

In 1990 as The Stone Roses were at their Zenith the Inspirals released an equally as good album (it was an ep) called Cool as Fuck. Two stellar tracks were on it called “Joe” and “Find out Why”. At roughly the same time they released the “Life” album with tracks like “this is how it feels” and “move”. As you can see I’m directing you towards songs to check out. They then ran a gauntlet of albums with a release each damn year until 1994. Each one pretty much on par with the others. I can’t say their sound was groundbreaking but I can say that it was the quality of the songs which they wrote that set they apart. These were crafty tunes with enormous and memorable chorus’s. Songs that define moments in your life – for better or worse. That was/were The Inspiral Carpets.

You may also know them as the band that turned away Noel Gallagher as the lead singer. Some might say that didn’t turn out well, but I think it did. I just can’t imagine that band releasing Oasis type songs.