Pretty Green

If The Stone Roses Make Songs Like “Can’t See Me” We Should Be Totally Fine.

Can’t See Me is essentially the bass line to the Stone Roses song “Breaking into Heaven” and the drums pulled from a loop reni did in the studio. You can hear these recordings online so no need for me to dig it up. That is not my point because, quite frankly, I don’t really care. It’s a great song and if Ian wants to pull out some awesome parts and turn it into something it’s well within his rights to do so in my book. The main thing I’d like to point out is that Ian Brown can actually really sing along to songs in this key. HOLY CRAP RIGHT? Yes, the aziz parts are painful, out of time and even out of key at times, my guess is he is high, but him in the background enough is tolerable. I’d love to hear some guitar funk melody from John Squire overtop, wouldn’t you? I’m digging this recording because Ian really nails it.

My fear is that they come out with something that Musicially sounds quite good but Lyrically and Vocally is fucking terrible. See: The Verve Forth. I’m kidding a little. I know Richard is more than capable but that album is just not there and his voice is lifeless. I’m not expecting The Stone Roses to come out with their debut album, but i would be happy with b-side worthy material from that age. Or even Second Coming which I quite liked. As long as the caliber of songs are there, we should be fine, right? What do you think?