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I Want You – Pulp vs. Shack

Pulp – I Want You

Jarvis is never one to take love lightly. This song is one of the highlights of Pulp’s perfectly outlandish album, Freaks. This is the early album all Pulp fans should give another chance. ‘I Want You’ chronicles the besotted’s premature feelings, running the gamut of emotions, and the length of a relationship from meeting to a love that’s ‘squirming, almost dead.’ All in four minutes and forty seconds.


Shack – I Want You

Shack is a band that has been largely forgotten, but they were quite good. Certainly if you like the Boo Radleys or Ocean Colour Scene, they might be worth a checking out. Their sound is confident and melodic, a crisply psychedelic pop. ‘I Want You’ is purely an example of their Beatlesque style.

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