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Hurricane #1

These days, Andy Bell plays bass with Liam Gallagher’s Beady Eye. In the ’90s, we remembered him as one of the geniuses behind Ride (come on, you can’t deny that Going Blank Again and Nowhere are perfect albums!). But how many of us remember Andy’s brief post-Ride spell with Hurricane #1?

Hurricane #1 had a short lifespan. The band was signed to Creation Records and had their greatest hit with “Step Into My World.” It was even featured in a car commercial here in the US. The band split in 1999 and soon after, Andy Bell joined Oasis to replace original bassist Guigsy.

Hurricane #1’s debut is a solid Britpop album featuring some real jams. While getting ready to attend Blow Up at the Monarch here in San Francisco last night, I put on that first Hurricane #1 album and sang along. And yes, it was partially inspired by the fact that I was texting back and forth with friends in New York and New Jersey to make sure that they were safe during the storm (and they were, thankfully!!).

Ladies and gentlemen, the legendary Hurricane #1!

Step into my world

Only the strongest will survive

Chain Reaction

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