Pretty Green

How Did We Miss This Track By Noel Gallagher?

Has Noel been watching Game of Thones so much that he had to make a track called “A Game of Genius”? I CALL PARTY-FOUL!

Except not. This track is actually, pretty, pretty, pretty cool. What I want to know is how in the world did I miss this? I have his Album, the release digital album AND the Vinyl and I bet you do too! And somehow this slipped through the crack? Ok. Sure! Why not! Well, regardless of that, that is quite a surprise! One note about the song; I get that he reuses a melody so much so that it is a biiiiit like another track on the album. To that I say: So what!

If you haven’t heart it yet enjoy this fan made video someone on google+ posted that I caught. Hope you like it!