Pretty Green

Holy Crap The Stone Roses Made 18 Million US From The Heaton Park Shows?

I know who is buying the next round you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found this gem today from Billboard.

Part of a reunion tour that kicked off on June 8, theHeaton Park event grossed more than £12 million ($18.6 million US$) with 217,948 tickets sold.

Holy crap, you guys, The Stone Roses made 18 million US dollars from their 3 dates in Manchester! I mean, I knew it would be a lot, and I’m sure you’re nodding too, but putting it into perspective like that is something else. I do understand they won’t take home all of that because there are fees, paying people, strippers, support acts and also food. I’m not that dumb. We could probably guess they made about a million each for those shows, right?  But even still, 18 million, or 12 million pounds total, is nothing to sneeze at when we need events to create money and work for others. Good on them for making some money and adding back to this world. Silvertone who?