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Here’s An Ode, Ah, To Deodorant – Coldplay’s first song?

“Here’s an Ode, ah, to deodorant, It’s my thing, ah it’s my favourite hygiene
It keeps me through the day. Another ode, ah to deodorant.
It’s my thing, ah it’s my favourite hygiene, It’s the confidence I need”

‘Ode To Deodorant’ was the first song performed by Coldplay or otherwise known as ‘The Coldplay’ at the time, and was released in 1998 on a demo cassette for concert promoters. Who knew Chris had such a fetish for hygiene products? In an interview in 2003, Will Champion, Drummer of the band credited the song as having a ‘Good ending and good bass line, but it was a crappy song’. I think, even with the crappy lyrics this song still kicks butt. Or, armpits.