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Here’s A Full Noel Gallagher Video From Amsterdam!

Want to watch a full Noel Gallagher show? Sure why not!

No greater way to wind your way down than to watch a Noel Gallagher show, right? If you hate Noel Gallagher there is no greater way to make your day WORSE than watching this? If you’re ambivalent about him there is no way to keep your day more or less ambivalent than watching this video. So just watch it already!

Show Details: Melkweg, Amsterdam on 30 November 2011
(It’s Good) To Be Free
Mucky Fingers
Everybody’s on the Run
Dream On
If I Had a Gun…
The Good Rebel
The Death of You and Me
Freaky Teeth
(I Wanna Live in a Dream in My) Record Machine
AKA… What a Life!
Talk Tonight
Soldier Boys and Jesus Freaks
AKA… Broken Arrow
Half The World Away
(Stranded On) The Wrong Beach

Little By Little
The Importance of Being Idle
Don’t Look Back In Anger